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Mosi Ifatunji is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research interests include racial ideology and inequality, immigration and migration and mixed-methods research methodology. Mosi is currently working on his dissertation entitled, "Are Black Immigrants a Model Minority? Race, Ethnicity and Sociopolitical Inequality in the United States." In his dissertation he employs the case of the "Negro Immigrant" as a naturally occurring scientific experiment in an effort to isolate the relative roles of "color" and "culture" in the production of persistent racial inequality in America.




Adria Welcher is a doctoral candidate in sociology at Emory University. Her scholarly interests focus on race, education, and stratification. She is currently working on her dissertation entitled, "Chasing the Dream: How Black Middle Class Parents Make Educational Decisions for Their Children." Her dissertation analyzes the responses of 60 black middle class families in the Atlanta metro area in an effort to understand the processes by which parents reproduce their middle class status for their children through their educational choices.