About RDI




To establish Emory University as the world’s premiere university for research, teaching, and public dialogue on race and intersecting dimensions of human difference, whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the local Atlanta community and in the world.



Our mission is to promote understanding of and to generate new knowledge about race and other forms of human difference (class, gender, religion, and sexuality), in particular the way they intersect
in our complex and rapidly diversifying society. We are interested in how social differences intersect at the level of individual identities as well as how systems of social distinction shape modes of knowing, processes of inclusion and exclusion, acts of representation, and organizational practices. Our view is that by encouraging and supporting courageous inquiry about race and difference within Emory’s schools and colleges, we can make vital advances in knowledge that not
only change the way we understand the world but also our engagement
with it.



We seek to accomplish RDI’s vision and mission through the following strategic goals:


  • Create a culture of collaboration and a climate of inclusion at Emory.  
  • Build intellectual density in the study of race and difference at Emory.

  • Train and mentor the next generation of promising scholars studying race and
    difference at Emory

  • Develop collaborations and partnerships related to race and difference beyond
    the Emory campus borders